Welcome to Olde Worlde Designs Co!

We make custom cups, jewelry, homemade decor and more! Please take a peek at our products and see what you like. We offer free shipping within the United States. If you want a custom order made, please feel free to email me at OldeWorldeDesignsCo@gmail.com or visit this listing for custom cups.

Please be sure to visit our sister site for our home remedies www.OldeWorldeRemedies.com. Olde Worlde Remedies is a company founded on the belief that sometimes the OLD ways are the BEST ways. Our products are all-natural and are created from the finest blends of CBD and other essential oils, herbs, and minerals. These ingredients are selected for their efficacy (ability to produce their desired or intended effect). Simply put, we take the best that Mother Nature provides and create the very best remedies.